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Some time ago, the Champions were responsible for defeating all foul creatures of this world, starting what became a New Age of Plenty. The heirs of this now safe world decided that they weren’t fit for the paradise they themselves had built. They were exiled, forbidden to enter the high walled cities of the New Age, forced to roam the Lands of Before, until the day they’re finally extinguished.

Fearing an uprising, the kings of the New Age left their old champions with more than their scars and rusting battle trophies. The heroes were taught the Kind Fire ritual, old magic which allows them to relive their glorious past as if it happened right before their eyes. Warmed by its light, they tell incredible, dreamlike stories, as they indeed happened or as they remember them to have happened. Whenever their paths cross, they keep each other company, reminiscing as the ancient century’s night descends upon their shimmering caste and its marvelous deeds.


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